How to Use Poli To Fund Online Casinos

While it is not the most widely used of funding options, there are plenty of Poli Online Casinos available to make funding your account incredibly easy. Poli is one of the leading payment solutions for individuals, and online gambling sites have begun to use it in order to help users ship money into their gambling account. Poli works off of a payment solution that is not too far out of the ordinary, and we can recommend it to any user who wants a simply solution for their payments. Though not everyone can access Poli, it is definitely one of the most recommended options available for making deposits.


  • Advantages to Poli Online Casinos

    There are many advantages to using Poli, which is one of the main reasons we had come to them as our main deposit method. Poli has made it so their users can process payments without any hang ups. All payments are made quickly, in some cases instantly. You will not be charged any fees through the use of Poli, at least not by the casino, but your bank account may actually force you to pay for making an electronic funds transfer. Heightened security, confidential payments, payment management and rapid transactions make for some of the fastest payments online, all provided by Poli's excellent service.

  • How Poli Works

    Poli is a simple payment solution, which functions very similarly to an electronic check. The biggest difference is the fact that Poli functions as an intermediary through which you can transfer money from your bank account into your casino account. Poli has the biggest advantage of not requiring any information to be stored in a computer, as with many other e-wallet type solutions. No account is required, as you can instead transfer your payments with little more than having your bank account info at hand. Poli's payments work somewhat differently. When you use Poli you will see the logo available through your merchant. If you have an account, you will have to enter the information into your merchant. Upon doing so, you will be able to start transferring money directly into your account.

Top Poli Bonuses

GoWild Casino!!



GoWild Casino

GoWild Casino is another example of some of the better casinos that use Poli as a deposit method. GoWild uses the Microgaming software, which is a time honored brand of casino software. Microgaming offers over 300 games, with one of the widest sets of slots ever introduced. GoWild has one of the best casino bonuses out there, with a welcome package that includes over $1,000 in free cash, free spins on many of their slots, a VIP scheme that will continuously infuse money into your account. GoWild is easily a solid choice for any casino gamer, and they have become one of the best online casinos accepting Poli on the market.

Top Poli Online Casinos
Casino Software Bonuses Download
100% up to $100  
100% up to $2.400  
100% up to $888  
200% up to $200  

Poli Deposit Method FAQ

Are there fees associated with Poli?

Your bank may charge you to make a transfer through Poli, though Poli it self will not actually force you to pay to use their service.

Can American gamblers use Poli to make payments?

No. American gamblers cannot use Poli to make payments into casino accounts, as Poli will not serve the American market.

What system requirements must I meet to make payments through Poli?

You have to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0/FireFox 2+/ Google Chrome with Javascript, and Microsoft Windows XP or better. If you do not have these on our machine, you will have to get them before you can use Poli.

How old do I have to be to open a Poli account?

You will have to be at least 18 years of age in order to use the Poli service.

Can I use Poli in correlation to any other payment method?

Use. Moneybookers can generally be used to make payments with Poli.